“We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” – C.S. Lewis

“Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure that there is one less scoundrel in the world.” – Thomas Carlyle

“The world is weary of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians.” – Benjamin Disraeli

“It’s equally obvious… that if Hillary was male- and not married to Bill Clinton- she wouldn’t be in her position. Hillary came to national prominence not through her own efforts but through the success of her husband. Virtually all her ‘experience’ prior to being elected Senator is in fact Bill Clinton’s experience. She wouldn’t even have been elected to the Senate without Bill.” – Dinesh D’Souza

“[T]here’s a general right to bear arms quite without reference to the militia either way.” – Justice Anthony Kennedy during Tuesday’s hearings on the Second Amendment

“The Obama campaign, if not necessarily the man himself, seems determined to make tough questioning of the man and his qualifications off-limits. Mild, general criticism is OK, barely, but pressing too hard with the wrong questions is taken for racism, bigotry, fanaticism, zealotry and other forms of treachery. Once upon a time, presidential candidates labored mightily to find a log-cabin birthplace in their past, but some Democrats think they’ve come up with a candidate born in a manger.” – Wesley Pruden

“Barack, I’m going to help you out here. If you’re going to try the lying routine, you’re going to have to get better at it, because the standard for great liars has already been sustained: Bill Clinton owns it, and you’re not in his league.” – Rush Limbaugh

“Hillary Clinton entertained congressional superdelegates at her Washington, DC, home, where she served them cocktails and lobbied for their convention votes. However, the people who came uncommitted left uncommitted. It’s a lot like her marriage.” – Argus Hamilton

Scrubs Getting an Eighth Season?

National Ledger – "Scrubs" Future No Longer in Question Says John C. McGinley

To recap, the “Scrubs” troupe was only able to finish 12 episodes of the 18 NBC had ordered for its final season before the writers’ strike, and the network reportedly wouldn’t commit to the last six episodes. “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence had declared he’d finish the show on DVD if necessary, but then ABC piped in with the invite to jump ship. Now the last six episodes in the can for NBC begin airing April 10.

And from TV Guide:

Cast and crew are due back on the set the week of March 24 to begin production on an 18-episode final season to air on ABC. Thanks, writers’ strike!

Hopefully these are true. Even more episodes of Scrubs would be suh-weet.


Yes, I am working from home today.

Yes, ESPN is showing a spring training game starting at noon.

Yes, I will still be getting work done while the game is on.

(Seriously, we had a work meeting at lunch time yesterday in a restaraunt near where we work. Once ESPN started showing a game at 1, my attention would wander to the game, but I still managed to pay attention to the meeting. I found out later another guy was doing the same thing.)

UPDATE (12:08 PM): Naturally. The game will be starting late, if at all, due to the Red Sox protest over what they claim is a broken agreement relating to their imminent trip to Japan.