Scrubs Getting an Eighth Season?

National Ledger – "Scrubs" Future No Longer in Question Says John C. McGinley

To recap, the “Scrubs” troupe was only able to finish 12 episodes of the 18 NBC had ordered for its final season before the writers’ strike, and the network reportedly wouldn’t commit to the last six episodes. “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence had declared he’d finish the show on DVD if necessary, but then ABC piped in with the invite to jump ship. Now the last six episodes in the can for NBC begin airing April 10.

And from TV Guide:

Cast and crew are due back on the set the week of March 24 to begin production on an 18-episode final season to air on ABC. Thanks, writers’ strike!

Hopefully these are true. Even more episodes of Scrubs would be suh-weet.