Why Gun Control is Morally Offensive

Gunshots bring abrupt end to frantic 911 call – CNN.com

A woman was asking a 911 dispatcher for help when her pleas were interrupted by gunshots, then silence.

She was shot to death.

The woman told the dispatcher someone was trying to break into her home in upscale West Covina, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Dan Rosenberg said.

“Deputies heard gunshots followed by silence and an open phone line,” he said.

Had this woman been in a position to defend herself with a handgun, perhaps she’d be alive today. Perhaps the cowards who shot a defenseless woman would have moved on. This sad incident shows that there are times, through no fault of their own, the police can not protect some of us, and if we’re not able to defend ourselves, then the innocent and law-abiding can suffer greatly at the hands of criminals.

Let’s hope the Supreme Court does the right thing and give the people the right to defend themselves against the criminal.