“Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they’re fascist.”

The words of Crash Davis echoed through my head last night after the second inning of the Blue Season Opener last night. By that time, 4 of the first six Myrtle Beach batters had struck out and five of the first 7 Blue Rocks batters had done the same.

By the start of the fourth inning, I was thinking about how badly I had to go to the bathroom, but couldn’t because two no-hitters were in progress. While the Blue Rocks lost their no-hitter (and perfect game) with two outs in top of the fourth, the Blue Rocks batters didn’t get their first hit until the bottom of the sixth. (I’ve never seen a no-hitter in person, so I wasn’t going to jinx a no-hitter by anyone, even against my team.)

The starting pitchers were just impressive. While they were likely aided by a large strike zone by the home plate umpire (many batters were disgusted by some of the called strikes), they would have been overpowering even with a smaller target. While this early in the season, both pitchers were on a low pitch count, their game scores are still impressive:

Blake Wood (Blue Rocks): 75
Hanson (Pelicans): 79

The night was much warmer than I expected s I did manage to keep score, tracking every pitch as I like to do. (There are a few pitches I missed. For example, I have no idea whether the pitches on some of the stolen base attempts were balls or strikes as I do prefer to keep my eye on the game.)

I saw a large number of people I knew there, many more than at any other game I’ve ever been. Former Attorney General and current state judge Jane Brady was in line in front of me with her husband (and actually recognized me before I recognized her), I bumped into former Lieutenant Governor candidate Jim Ursomarso with his family in the gift shop, my former associate pastor brought a group of kids from his high school as well as other friends.

It was a good time. Even with Opening Day being the greatest secular day of the year, it never truly feels like baseball season until I actually attend a game in person. Getting to do it on a night much warmer than past Opening Days was even nicer. It looks like, and the radio announcers seemed to confirm this, that scoring will be a problem this year, but it’s still nice to have baseball back.