I don’t get it

Duffy posted a list of things he doesn’t get, so I thought I’d offer my own list:

1. Grotto’s Pizza: Like Duffy, I don’t get the attraction. A few years ago, I was talking to my then-associate pastor and he mentioned he felt like going out to eat, but he didn’t feel appropriate since it was Lent and he didn’t feel like a priest should be seen enjoying a good meal out during that time of penance. So I suggested he got to Grotto’s, and he agreed that would fulfill his requirements.
2. Will & Grace: I could never get into this show, even though many of my friends loved it. I think given it’s quick disappearance from reruns during prime hours backs me up on this.
3. The Beatles: Did some really good songs, but I’ve never understood the worship this group attracts, especially among some in my generation. It’s possible they were revolutionary and therefore I don’t see the same things my parent’s generation did, but that revolution has occurred so why does my generation get so excited about this band who broke up before we were born?
4. Tattoos: “Yes, I’d like you to inject ink under my skin so I’ll look ridiculous now and even more so when I get wrinkly and/or fat.”
5. Holding hands during the “Our Father”: I don’t know if this is a Protestant thing that creeped into the Mass, or if this is our own invention, but at the moment when we’re all supposed to be praying in one voice the words Jesus told us to use when addressing the Father, we take our focus off Him and make it all about us. Besides, I don’t hold hands on the first date, I’m certainly not going to do it with someone I just met and don’t know at all. (Fortunately, this doesn’t happen at my parish.)
6. The beach: I just don’t enjoy it. I’m much more a mountain person. When I’m on vacation, I want it quiet and peaceful, two things the beach isn’t.
7. Cats: They crap in the house, ignore you most of the time, claw you when not happy, and when they are happy, prone to digging their claws into you. That’s what I want in a pet… </sarcasm>

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure I’ll need to vent about something later.

4 thoughts on “I don’t get it

  1. 1. I also don’t get Grotto’s. Seasons I like, but more than two slices of Grotto’s makes me sick to my stomach.

    4. Tattoos: the disfigurement you choose for yourself. It’s one step up from ritual branding. A very small step.

    6. The beach? If I want to swim, I’ll go to a pool. If I want to get sand in everything… Wait, why would I want to do that?

    The rest…

    3. I like the Beatles, but I like them much better in their early and middle years than their later studio ones. Once you hit Sgt. Peppers, I couldn’t care less.

    7. Do you go outside to crap? Or crap at a random places while you’re walking? No. You crap inside the house too. We both have places set aside to do this and stick to them. It’s very civilized when you think about it. I greatly prefer it to dogs who must be walked, crap inconveniently (which must then be picked up), and who have much larger volumes of crap. Clawing is overstated as a problem and our cat is actually very affectionate. He’s a lot like a dog, but cleaner and with a stronger hunter/killer instinct.

  2. 5- I’ve attended five Protestant chruches – more if you count places I’ve visited – and I’ve NEVER experienced this. Doxology – sure, but during the Lord’s prayer is weird. Must be a Catholic thing. 😉

    Stuff I don’t get:

    Nose rings. Eww.

    Or those things that go in peoples ears to make a normally pierced earhole about the diameter of a nickel or quarter.

  3. Jeff: Everything I listed about cats has happened to me personally. And I didn’t include the time a cat urinated and crapped on rug out of spite.

    Do I go outside to crap? Depends on how drunk I am.

    But seriously, I flush; cats don’t.

    I don’t disagree with your attitude on the Beatles (although I like some of their later stuff, I’d same same average quality with a higher deviation than their early stuff), but it’s the “worship” of them that gets me. Like the friends in high school who wanted to wear black armbands on the anniversary of Lennon’s assassination. Bizarre.

    AO: It could be from another branch of Protestantism. Some of those barely Christian ones, for example. Or some of the Roman Protestants in the Church. I thought you guys considered the Doxology part of the Our Father?

    And your additions to the list are quite worthy.

  4. Ooh and please fix that amazon thing on your site. It put links where I did not. Does it randomly link things in your posts, too?

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