Book Review: Mary and the Christian Life by Amy Welborn

This is a short book, designed to help us appreciate the Mother of Jesus more and show the importance she has for all Christians. After all, no one was closer to, thought more about, or had a greater influence on Jesus than His mother. He took His existence from her, His very DNA was based on hers, she was by His side through His childhood, raising Him, teaching Him how to live in this world. No one in the history of the world spent more time with our Savior, and therefore it’s important for us to reflect on her so we can understand how we can be a more perfect disciple of Him.

Amy Welborn takes us through the Bible, discussing Mary’s appearances in the Gospels and the Book of Revelation:

The Annunciation
The Visitation
The Magnificat
Mary’s Pregnancy and Birth of Jesus
The Presentation
The Finding of Jesus in the Temple
The Miracle at Cana
Mary at the Foot of the Cross
“A Woman Clothed with the Sun” (John’s Vision in Revelation 12)

Each of these stories tells us something about Mary and her relationship with Jesus which in turn tells us about what we need to do to grow as close to Jesus as His mother was. Welborn also traces the beliefs and traditions about Mary through Church history, showing that Mary was revered and honored from the earliest history of the Church, quoting from Church fathers and ancient Christian prayers honoring Mary.

This book can help us all grow in our appreciation of Mary and help us all to understand how she can help us go closer to Jesus. This book can help us get “To Jesus, Through Mary” as Saint Louis de Montfort wrote centuries ago.