Book Review: Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To by Anthony DeStefano

I read a number of good reviews of this book, but wasn’t particularly interested in reading it. I ended up receiving it in the mail from a charity I support (I’ve forgotten which one), so I decided to read it.

It’s a good read and helps us to remember how we should pray when we pray to God. While it has some Catholic references, it’s really written for all Christians; indeed, of the four “advance praise” quotes on the back cover, only one is from a Catholic. (I haven’t heard of the other three people quoted, so I presume they’re non-Catholics of some sort.)

The prayers that DeStefano lists are:

God, Show Me That You Exist
God, Make Me an Instrument
God, Outdo Me in Generosity
God, Get Me Through this Suffering
God, Forgive Me
God, Give Me Peace
God, Give Me Courage
God, Give Me Wisdom
God, Bring Good Out of This Bad Situation
God, Lead Me to My Destiny

The common thread among these prayers is a desire to come closer to Him, to be more like Him. They’re not about what God can do for us, but about shaping us to do His Will, to grow to be more like Him.

My favorite part of the book was where he points out the foolishness of those preachers who claim God wants us all to be rich or that He will give us anything we ask for if we pray with sincerity. God doesn’t desire us all to be wealthy; as the Psalmist wrote, “He hears the cry of the poor.” Plus, enough lose sight of Him as a result of their self-sufficiency and security, that being wealthy can be a detriment to a properly focused life.

This book reminds us that the greatest prayers we can make are to be more like our Lord; concern for others, sacrifice, love, acceptance of God’s will. Desire to grow in those virtues is something God will always help us with.