Idaho Becomes First State to Criminalize Coercing a Woman to Have an Abortion

Idaho Becomes First State to Criminalize Coercing a Woman to Have an Abortion

Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter signed a bill into law on Thursday that makes Idaho the first state to legally forbid individuals from forcing a woman to have an abortion.

House Bill 654 criminalizes any physical harm or threats used with the intention of inducing an abortion.

Thanks to the new law, “a woman or girl wronged by a predator or abusive partner would not have to wait upon the mercies of some prosecuting attorney to seek justice – even after an abortion. In fact, the language of the law allows a woman to seek civil damages even if she doesn’t undergo an abortion,” explained an Idaho Chooses Life web report.

“We currently have laws that protect a woman’s right to choose abortion but virtually nothing that protects a woman from being forced into having an abortion. Predators, abusive boyfriends and angry mothers and fathers have been violently coercing women into getting abortions for years,” stated Brandi Swindell of Engage the Culture in a March testimony to the House committee looking at the bill.

Planned Parenthood, that “champion” of women’s rights, opposed the bill.

Planned Parenthood of Idaho expressed disappointment over the enactment of the new law on their website. Instead of the anti-coercion legislation, the Planned Parenthood encourages more programs dealing with domestic abuse, increased contraceptive distribution, and the development of “comprehensive sex education” programs.

Would have been bad for business, no doubt….