How do people find me?

I poked through my web reports to see what search terms were leading people to my site and found some interesting ones:

* 42% of search engine related hits this month came from the phrase “baptism immersion vs sprinkling”. There’s a lot better sources out there than me on that one.
* “Cats are evil” was 4th on the list. Because they are.
* Some others near the top: catholic pickup lines, von hayes, nerdy pickup lines, mets got rick rolled
* “excuse me stewardess i speak jive”
* “i just blue myself”
* “bishop fulton sheen’s writings predicting antichrist will come from catholic bishops” Huh? Although it wouldn’t suprise me that Satan would try to bring down the Church of Christ from the inside.
* “the german term meaning the politics of reality used during the late 1800 s to describe a tough calculated brand of politics in which idealism played no part” Again, huh? I”m assuming they mean realpolitik.
* “chris truby blood” That one made me smile, although I wonder what they were looking for.
* “james bovard democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” A quote Jeff the Baptist would no doubt love.
* “the supreme court ruled in plessy v. ferguson that underage women must notify their parents of an impending abortion.” I don’t know where to begin on this one.
* “three true outcomes adam dunn rob deer” I am a fan of the Three True Outcomes.
* “christine o donnell delaware sex” that one frightened me a little
* “child masturbation” ditto
* “cat shootin” A person after my own heart
* “chuck kruse” If whoever was searching for him knows him, tell him to drop me a line.