“…last time I checked, NAFTA is five letters.”

The Campaign Spot on National Review Online

“Here, in Youngstown and across America, obviously the answer to our problems is not the siren song of protectionism,” McCain said during a stop at Fabart, a rusting steel-fabricating plant that has only five remaining workers. “Protectionism and isolation has never worked in America’s history.”

According to USA Today, a former AFL-CIO official told McCain that in that region, NAFTA is a “four letter word.”

McCain’s response? “Jack, I am prone on occasion to make mistakes, but the last time I checked, NAFTA is five letters.”

As frustrating as McCain’s been to conservatives over the years, I’m starting to reflect that he’s right on the most important issues that face us today: Iraq, the right to life, free trade, taxes, etc. The issues where we disagree with him and he frustrates us the most are secondary. (Or in the case of his support for global warming remedies can likely be stopped by a determined GOP filibuster in the Senate.)

He’s bothering me less and less all the time. Either that, or the Kool-Aid’s tasting really good.