“Dude, just hang a chad!”

This past weekend, official Washington gathered for its fancy prom night, otherwise known as the White House Correspondents dinner. At a garden party preceding the event, Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton’s finance chair, was nonplussed when asked at the registration table to fill out a ballot asking whom he thought would win this fall’s presidential election.

“You gotta be kidding me, you know who I am? You still want me to vote?” he said. He was told the party’s organizers still wanted him to vote. Mr. McAuliffe then attempted to use a pen to fill out his ballot. But no matter how hard he put pen to paper, it wouldn’t write, frustrating the top Clinton honcho. The lady at the registration table told him just to rip a hole in the ballot paper. A guest standing behind him yelled out, “Dude, just hang a chad.”

Mr. McAuliffe wasn’t amused, especially when another guest shouted out that the pen incident was a clear sign from the heavens that the Clinton fund-raising machine was running dry too.

Source: OpinionJournal.com’s Political Diary