Why do conservatives cheer increased government revenues?

An article at NewsBuster about government revenues setting an all-time record sparked the title question. I’ve actually been pondering this question for a while. What this means is that the government is now taking more money from the people than ever before. Why is that something to celebrate?

My hunch is that conservatives have spent so long arguing that the people are overtaxed, they rejoice at being proven right: tax cuts can spark economic development which will increase government revenues. But in focusing so narrowly on that one issue, they lose sight of the larger: we’re working to reduce the size of government, and giving it more revenues is not the way to do that. They might win this battle, but the rhetoric undercuts our ultimate objective: smaller government. This increased revenue is not a cause for celebration in and of itself, but rather a call for further tax cuts.

Keep your eyes on the ball, guys.