God Bless Jim Bunning

Not only was a Hall fo Fame pitcher for the Phillies, but now, as a US Senator, he’s fighting hard to stop rewarding the dishonest and/or incompetent who made or took mortgages they couldn’t afford:

According to a summary of all the amendments, Sen. Bunning wants:

“to stop the bailout of the rich”
“to prevent the bailout of illegal aliens”
“to prevent the bailout of homeowners who used their homes as a credit card”
“to stop the bailout of sex offenders”
“to stop the bailout of drug offenders”

Another of Sen. Bunning’s amendments would change the name of the bill from “The Federal Housing Finance Regulatory Reform Act of 2008” to the “Bailout of Irresponsible Lenders and Borrowers Act of 2008.”