Caught Stealing, Catcher Unassisted – Philly Sports & Minutiae: Baseball Oddities Are Fun: CS-2U

Here’s what happened: Shane Victorino took off from first in attempt to steal second base only to find Jimmy Rollins standing on the bag. Apparently Victorino may have thought a sign was flashed for a double steal, which didn’t seem to be a call that made much sense considering there were no outs and Chase Utley was up.

That’s where Victorino came in sprinting toward second base with his head down and arms pumping. When he finally looked up and caught a glimpse of Rollins standing like a statue on second, Victorino quickly became a meek, cornered deer. First he lurched back to first, then changed direction, did a little juke move and then just gave up and stopped in his tracks.

That’s when catcher Gregg Zaun, running with the ball in the infield lest an errant throw allowed Rollins to circle the bases, finally slapped a tag on Victorino.

There it was. CS-2U.

I wish I had seen that. Stupid me for visiting a friend newborn baby instead of watching the Phillies. *pounds head on desk* Stupid Paul, Stupid Paul.