Book Review: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

So, I finally decided to read this classic work of Christian apologetics and despite the buildup it’s been given over the years, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a very strong book and I can see why it’s been responsible for many conversions over the years. (Chuck Colson wrote an introduction to the version I have stating how this book brought him to believe.)

I’ve seen a few criticisms of it over the years, but I think those were from people who misunderstood the book. As he stated in his introduction, Lewis wasn’t trying to write a doctrinal essay expounding every point of Christian belief, but rather a book showing why belief in Christianity is rational and logical. He’s not writing the Summa Theologica, just trying to get people started on the road to Christianity. On that line though, I was surprised when he wrote about the Eucharist, given the number of Protestants who don’t believe in that doctrine. (They’re wrong not to, but there are a large number of them, so I’m surprised Lewis brought it into his work.)

This book covers a variety of topics in an easy to understand format, including:

* Why we can know God Exists
* Why there must be an absolute Truth
* Why Monotheism is the only theism that makes sense
* Why Christianity is true
* Why the failings and faults of Christians don’t disprove Christianity
* Why it makes sense that the one God must consist of multiple persons

Given the clarity and logic of this book, I’d be interested to see what disagreements atheists have with it. It’s hard to disagree with. If you’re interested in Christianity, this book will help you understand why it’s the true faith, and if you’re already Christian it will reaffirm your faith.