Benedict XVI: the Magnificat is the truest interpretation of history

Benedict XVI: the Magnificat is the truest interpretation of history

The Magnificat of Mary, after centuries and millennia, remains the most true and profound interpretation of history, while the stories made by so many worldly scholars have been disproved by the facts over the centuries.” So the feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was meditated on by Benedict XVI in St. Peter’s Square, recalling the song of praise delivered by Mary before Elizabeth, at the end of Marian celebration on the last day of May.

“My soul magnifies the Lord.” Mary recognizes the greatness of God. This is the first essential process of faith, the sentiment that gives security to human beings as creatures, to be free from fear, even in the midst of the instability of history.
In this song “that is a genuine and deep theological reading…of history,” the Pope further explained, Mary’s faith “has shown that the thrones of the powerful of this world are all temporary, while the throne of the Lord is the only rock that does not change and will not fall”. He invited the many faithful in the Piazza to return home carrying the Magnificat in their hearts.