Festival! Festival!

Yesterday began Festival Season in Little Italy. For a span of 13 days, there is only one day (at most) that there isn’t a festival going on with in five blocks of my house.

It started with the Greek Festival at lunch time yesterday. I worked from home yesterday due to a severe case of the “I don’t feel like driving to Dover”s and so for lunch I walked up to the Festival and grabbed a lamb sandwich and stuffed grapes. Good stuff. It’s the only time of the year I eat Greek food, so I should take advantage of it. I’m also heading up there Thursday evening to meet some friends.

Next Sunday, lasting for eight days, begins the Italian Festival a mere half block from my house. On my way to the Greek Festival, I picked up a pass so I can get admission to the Italian Festival without having to pay admission each night. (It’s five dollars for admission each night for people between 14 and 62, I think. You can buy passes for the week at the rectory on online for $12. They will also be available at the Festival for $15, as I understand.)

The great thing about this is, I don’t have to cook for myself until June 16th!

They’re setting up the rides for the Italian Festival likely as I speak. They all seemed to arrive last night, many of them driving by my house at about 10 PM, which naturally brought many of my neighbors out to watch them drive by. A number had come earlier while I was at the Blue Rocks game.

Festival! Festival!
(Mega-nerd points for the Star Trek reference in the title of this post.)