Book Review: More Christianity by Dwight Longenecker

I had picked this book up while on a retreat last November and read it after finishing “Mere Christianity,” as I thought it would make a good companion piece, as the author intended. Longenecker, a convert to Catholicism from Evangelicalism via Anglicanism and since ordained a Catholic priest, wrote this book to show the inadequacies of Lewis’ “mere Christianity” (as Lewis himself acknowledged) and to show that a true understanding of what “more” there is to Christianity will lead people to Catholicism, as it did Longenecker himself.

One common theme of Father Longenecker’s writing (here and elsewhere) is that come the day of his particular Judgment, he’d rather tell God he believed too much than not enough. For example, he’d rather believe that God does allow the communion of Christians and our ability to intercede for each other to extend beyond the grave than to deny the possibility. He’d rather be guilty of overestimating God’s goodness and love than underestimating it and this attitude helped bring him home to Rome.

He deals with a number of topics including Mary, the saints, the Eucharist, and the Papacy, among others, showing how those beliefs are present in the Bible, were held by the early Christians and also make logical sense.

It’s a quick read that’s worth the effort showing the limitations and failings of a “mere Christianity” and showing the path to the “more Christianity” God wishes us to have.

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