“It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth- and listen to the song of that syren, till she transforms us into beasts.” – Patrick Henry

“When the terrorists attack again- as Homeland Security has repeatedly warned us they will- how many survivors will be consoled because the Supreme Court and the State Department looked out for the ‘rights’ of terrorists before the rights of their dead loved ones?” – Cal Thomas

“Obama would bring us back to September 10th America. And September 10th is sure to be followed by September 11th.” – Andrew McCarthy

“[T]he Democrat Party right now, in this election cycle, wants you hurting. They want gasoline prices to continue to rise. They want the price of food to continue to rise. They want you mad as hell at the Republicans for it. They want you to accept government sponsored changes to so-called fix all this, as articulated by [Barack] Obama.” – Rush Limbaugh

“The day after Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama in Detroit, MSNBC kept repeating the allegedly big news with the on-air question ‘Will Gore Help or Hurt Obama?’ Left out of that question: Who cares? Does Gore’s endorsement matter at all?… He doesn’t bring a single vote Obama doesn’t already have.” – Brent Bozell

“The most fundamental fact about oil worldwide is that there is lots of it. Though frequently overlooked, the ability to refine crude oil plays an essential role in the supply and demand equation.” – Alan Caruba

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid huffs that global warming is ‘the most critical issue of our time.’ Really? More critical than energy prices? Than health care? Than wages? Than terrorism? Than nuclear proliferation? Keep huffing, Mr. Reid- that deflating bubble needs all the air it can get.” – Rich Lowry

“The United States leads the world in too many areas for us to start imitating those who are trailing behind.” – Thomas Sowell

“Every dogma has its day, and so it is with the posturing that blames the run-up in oil prices on ‘speculators.’ The new political consensus is that further ‘common-sense regulation’ of the energy futures market is necessary. Let’s grant that the sentiment is common, but the sense- like the evidence- is nonexistent. On Sunday, Barack Obama rolled out a proposal that will supposedly thwart market manipulation by ‘a few energy lobbyists and speculators.’ John McCain chimed in that Mr. Obama was merely following his lead; last week, the Republican denounced ‘some people on Wall Street’ for ‘gaming the system.’ If there’s a Congressman who isn’t calling for his own crackdown, he’s gone into witness protection… The futures market may be a convenient scapegoat, but it’s simply a price discovery mechanism. Major energy consumers- refiners, airlines- buy and sell these contracts to lock in goods at a future price, as a hedge against volatility. Essentially, they’re guesses about coming oil supply and demand, as well as the rate of inflation. The political theory is that such futures trading is creating a bubble in the spot market (i.e., oil purchased for immediate delivery) beyond oil fundamentals. Thus, $4 gas. But there’s no inherent reason to ‘bet’ that commodities will go up rather than down. Bet wrong… and you lose. If a company purchases the future right to buy oil at $140 a barrel and it instead sells for $130, the option is worthless. Besides, somebody has to take the other side of any futures contract: Some are trying to predict where the price will go in the future, while the other side is attempting to sell its future price risk. But no one knows how things will end up. Mr. McCain calls such exchanges ‘reckless wagering.’ But speculators- normally known as ‘traders’ – are really managing the exposure risks of American businesses to higher oil prices. Traders not affiliated with major producers or consumers provide liquidity to the market. Without the second group, futures markets would be determined exclusively by commercial participants. Another word for this is a cartel.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Barack Obama, the Different Kind of Presidential Candidate, has begun his metamorphosis into the same old kind of presidential candidate by backing away from his earlier promise to accept public financing. Naturally, he claims it wasn’t a promise at all but just a possibility, depending on whether John McCain would agree to accept public financing, too, which Sen. McCain did, and on various other escape clauses. We all know the drill by now: When caught in an obvious contradiction, obfuscate.” – Paul Greenberg

“Barack Obama’s campaign reported it may raise a hundred million dollars in the month of June alone. It’s the best month in political fundraising history. He’s lucky the Senate killed that windfall profits tax before he had to pay it himself.” – Argus Hamilton

“I, for one, am getting sick and tired of being played by the Obama crowd. Michelle didn’t mean she’d never been proud of America, Barack didn’t mean Iran was a small country we had no reason to fear, and Father Pfleger didn’t mean a word of his racist screed. Right… and a bear doesn’t make do-do in the woods.” – Burt Prelutsky

“[O]nly a true Orwellain could actually play the race card in order to complain that someone else might play it.” – Arnold Ahlert

Jay Leno: President Bush blasted Congress for not allowing oil exploration in the Alaskan Wildlife Reserve. Democrats said it wouldn’t do any good, because it wouldn’t produce oil for 10 years. You know, the same thing they said 10 years ago. … Hillary Clinton is taking a month off from her job as senator to rest up from her campaign. How does that work? Think about this. You’ve been neglecting your job, trying to get a better job. You don’t get that job. So, you take a month off from the job you were trying to get out of, and go on vacation. Huh? Imagine if you tried that with your boss. “Hey, boss, listen. Boss, I’ll tell you, I’ve been looking for another job. I am exhausted! I want to take a month off. Here’s where you can send my check.” Let me know how that works out for you. … Barack Obama announced this week he’ll visit Iraq and Afghanistan before the election in November. He said he wants to see an area that’s been overrun by violent extremists. So, sounds like he already misses his old church.