Kelo v. New London house torn down for nothing

Remember that landmark Supreme Court ruling known as the Kelo decision? The court decided that eminent domain allowed the city of New London, Connecticut, to seize a private owner’s land for economic redevelopment by another private owner. The ruling was very unpopular and forced Susette Kelo to sell her home, which she never wanted to leave.

Now, three years later, Kelo’s house has been torn down and the lot where it once stood is vacant. In fact, Real Clear Markets reports that there is no new construction in the area because the city-sponsored developer has been unable to secure financing — because interest is minimal.

Kicking someone out of their house because their taxes aren’t high enough is shameful. Kicking them out their house and not even finding someone to build on it? That’s pathetic. New London should be forced to rebuild Kelo’s house and give it to him for free.

Hat Tip: Club For Growth