Book Review: Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen

I started this book back in December, figuring I’d make it my Advent reading, but it’s quite a read and I hardly got any reading done with the business of December. So, I made it my reading for Eucharistic Adoration and read it during my time in the presence of the Lord. It’s about 450 pages, with small print (at least the edition I have is), so it takes a while. I finally finished it up just a few minutes ago.

It’s a very profound book, raising many points about the life of Christ I hadn’t considered. it shows that despite his success on TV, Bishop Sheen wasn’t just telegenic and able to speak well: he was also a scholar. While reading it today, it hit me that it says something unique about Jesus that someone could write a book with over 50 pages about what He did after He died. Sheen concludes with a chapter about the Church as the Body of Christ, continuing His mission today.

There’s too much in this book, and I read some parts of it too long ago to write a thorough review, so I’ll just leave it at this: read this book, and you’ll learn a great deal about Jesus, notice a number of details you hadn’t noticed in the Biblical accounts and make connections you hadn’t either. You’ll learn a lot about Jesus and be given a lot to reflect on. It’s great spiritual reading in the best sense of that phrase.