Trade Deadline

The non-waiver trade deadline is today at 4 PM, and it’s so nerve-wracking waiting to see what shoes will drop.

Rumored trades include:

* Future Hall of Famer and 600-homer man Ken Griffey Jr to the White Sox
* Future Hall of Famer and 500-homer man Manny Ramirez to the Marlins
* Future Hall of Famer and 350-game winner Greg Maddux to the Dodgers

Meanwhile, nothing apparently brewing in Philly. They need to improve this team. Their window of competitiveness closes soon, especially if Burrell heads elsewhere this coming offseason.

UPDATE (11:52 AM): Griffey to the White Sox is a done deal. As I mentioned before, Griffey’s long been one of my favorites and is still the only player jersey I ever bought. It’s sad to see him leave one of favorite teams (but the Phils still come first). Especially to go to a team like the ChiSox. They’re so blah.

And another note, he was a Mariner, then he was a Red. What is he now? A Sock?

UPDATE (12:40 PM): The Marlins got former Phillie (and Oriole) Arthur Rhodes. I assumed he had retired. Well, maybe he’ll finally help the Phils now by returning to his old Phillies self while with the Marlins.