Cat saves 97 year old woman? Let’s take a closer look…

Woman, 97, says cat’s yowling saved her from fire

A 97-year-old woman says her cat’s early morning yowling saved her from a house fire. Grace George, of Independence, said her cat Boo Boo’s yowling from an open bedroom window early Wednesday woke her up from a sound sleep.

The cat is portrayed as saving this woman’s life, but look closer: the cat was already in the window trying to get out and presumably couldn’t. It may have been open, as the story says, but there was some intervening factor that kept the cat from getting out. (If it were easy to get out that window, George would have let the cat out that way, rather than picking it up and walking to the kitchen. 97 year olds aren’t fond of that sort of activity, especially in the middle of the night.)

So only after being unable to save itself, did the cat make noise waking the woman up. What at first glance appears to be a helpful action by a cat, when looked at closer reveals the true selfishness that motivates most cat behavior.