Here’s my dilemma…

Random House was nice enough to send me two copies each of two books by Bishop Fulton Sheen: Treasure in Clay, his autobiography and Life of Christ to use as giveaways on my blog. (It was apparently because I reviewed Life of Christ a while ago that they noticed me and sent them to me. And, after mentioning I had never read Treasure in Clay, they were kind enough to give me my own copy of that at no additional cost!)

I’m thinking I should do some sort of contest, but I’m not imaginative enough to come up with something exciting on my own. So, here’s my thought: the best contest idea will get a copy of each, and the two winners of said contest will get one book each.

This all assumes there’s any interest in this at all since the only reader I know for sure who actually would be interested in this is Ann(-e) and she’s all the way over there in Germany. And maybe my dad too, but he grew up during the era when Sheen was famous, and I don’t think he’s ever mentioned him, so he may not be interested. (Ann(-e), if you do win something, I’m just going to get the book to your parents and let them figure out shipping issues, since I’m sure they know how to do it better anyway. Or at least your mom would.)

If no one comes up with anything good, just let me know if you’re interested in them and I’ll get them to you somehow.

Links to pages for the books below:


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  1. heya –
    my sister’s coming over in september, but she’s lugging a “buttload of [my] crap” over already. Trying to clear out the house.

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