ABC Acknowledges the term “Pro-Life,” when talking about Democrats, at least….

From Creative Minority Report:

Dear ABC,

I see you have discovered the term “pro-life” which you mentioned in this piece entitled “Are Democrats Now Pro-Life?”

After all these years while folks who oppose abortion have been calling themselves “pro-life,” the media including, I believe, your organization consistently dubbed us as “anti-abortionists.” But in the aforementioned piece published yesterday you mentioned the term “pro-life” five times in just one article. This would be a stunning and pleasing turnaround for ABC News but I must admit that I’m puzzled. So why the change? I hope that it’s not just because the article is discussing abortion and Democrats.

As the letter goes on to show, the positive “pro-life” terminology is reserved for Democrats, while Republicans still get the negative “anti-abortion.” Ah, the “fair” and “unbiased” media!

Hat Tip: The Curt Jester