That’s how to say goodbye…

”We wish Jay well and will miss him — not personally, of course — but in the sense of noticing he is no longer here, at least for a few days.” — Chicago Sun-Times Editor Michael Cooke on Jay Mariotti’s resignation

Read the whole article to see more Mariotti bashing from a now former colleague. Unfortunately, he’ll still appear on ESPN’s Around the Horn.

Hat Tip: Baseball Primer Newsblog

UPDATE: His former coworkers are really enjoying this:

(If picture doesn’t show above, click here to view a photo of the paper.)

Read an article devoted to joyous reaction from readers.

This reaction pretty much amounts to “make sure to let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.” Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this public a repudiation of someone. He seems to have deserved it, though.

UPDATE 2: Wow, how much of a jerk does a sportswriter have to be to get a movie critic to attack him? And not just any critic, but Roger Ebert, no less.