According to the media and other partisan liberals…

President Clinton committing adultery and having sex with an intern – Media says move along.

Presidential Candidate John Edwards committing adultery while his wife has cancer – Media says move along.

Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter committing fornication and keeping the baby – Media says what a moral outrage and front page story!


4 thoughts on “According to the media and other partisan liberals…

  1. Those were “private matters”. And Clinton “only lied about sex”. However with Republicans, anything done by anyone even related to them is fair game.

  2. I don’t think calling the media’s brand of it a moral outrage is fair. I will agree the media seems obsessed over it but from my water-cooler interactions it seems a large amount of the public is very interested in her family.

  3. They’re interested but not sharing the media’s moral outrage. No one I’ve talked to (and it’s been mostly Democrats I’ve talked to about this) think any less of Sarah or Bristol Palin for this, because we all know someone whose has this problem themselves. (And notice how the father of the child has been largely left out of the media’s conversation. Apparently only women are to blame for pregnancies.)

    The media’s just out to tarnish Sarah Palin anyway they can, even if means attacking and belittling a seventeen year old girl in the process. Absolutely shameful.

  4. I think the media really can’t contain its excitement for the pick of Palin. If we had Romney or Pawlenty in her place it would have been business as usual. Her family has so many interesting facets in it whether it is her pregnant daughter (which is interesting but not enough so that it deserves the 24/7 coverage it is getting), her special needs child, her large family, her husband’s background, and how her son is in the armed services.

    I just find her whole candidacy fascinating as most people do. She was the only reason I tuned into the RNC.

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