Google Chrome’s Hourly Market Share

Released only yesterday afternoon, Google’s new browser Chrome had 1% of the market by this morning at midnight.

Of course, given the late night hours we’re talking about, we’ll likely see the decline since the 4 AM peak continue as more normal people come on line. I’ve been using it since last night and so far, I like it. The bookmark interface probably needs a little work, but that’s my only complaint so far. The added browser window space is very nice.

UPDATE: I should point out that it seems to have trouble with AJAX modal popups. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it.

One thought on “Google Chrome’s Hourly Market Share

  1. I installed it on a virtual machine so I could check it out. Nice look, handled opening a PDF, needed Flash, that’s all I’ve got. My supervisor installed it on a virtual machine and locked it up quick. Not sure what he was doing though. Still love Firefox.

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