Posnanski on the Royals

I love Joe Posnanski’s writing style, and today he has a great article on the follies of the Royals over the past few years in the context of his love for Carlos Beltran. This story made me laugh out loud:

The astonishing Kerry Robinson, in one of only 18 games he would play with the Kansas City Royals raced back on a long fly ball by Joe Crede, used his great athleticism to climb the ball, reached up his glove … and watched the ball bounce 10 feet in front of him on the warning track and then skip over the fence. The umpires were so faked out they called it a home run, leaving poor Buddy Bell in the unenviable position of having to argue that, no, it was not a home run, he just happened to have a centerfielder who climbs walls on ground rule doubles.