“I trust that the proposed Constitution afford a genuine specimen of representative government and republican government; and that it will answer, in an eminent degree, all the beneficial purposes of society.” —Alexander Hamilton

“If the government gets into business on any large scale, we soon find that the beneficiaries attempt to play a large part in the control. While in theory it is to serve the public, in practice it will be very largely serving private interests.” —Calvin Coolidge

“There are no persons capable of stooping so low as those who desire to rise in the world.” —Lady Marguerite Blessington

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government.” —Edward Abbey

“If you are desirous to prevent the overrunning of a state by any sect, show it toleration.” —Voltaire

“The credit crunch and foreclosure problems are failures of government policy. In fact, what we see now is a market correction to foolhardy government policy. Congress’ move to bailout lenders and borrowers who made poor decisions will simply create incentives for people to make unwise decisions in the future.” —Walter Williams

“Congress is back. If, upon reading those words, your hand shoots reflexively to your wallet or purse to make sure it’s still there, then you know what comes next: A Gang of 16 in the Senate is pushing an energy bill that would spend billions of dollars, raise taxes, and do nothing to lower the price of gasoline.” —National Review

“At 35%, the United States has a higher corporate tax rate than France (34.4%), the United Kingdom (28%), Japan (30%), Germany (15.83%) and even that Scandinavian welfare state deluxe, Sweden (28%). And Barack Obama intends to keep it that way—competitiveness be damned!” —Don Feder

“If elected, President Obama, arm in arm with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, would be in a position to do serious damage to the country on a number of fronts. His convention speech removed any doubt that he is an orthodox, big—no, huge—government liberal.” —Mona Charen

“Obama’s reaction to this sudden turn in his fortunes has been nothing less that sheer and visible disorientation. It’s obvious that he simply doesn’t know which way to turn, and his confusion has led him to launch a sleazy campaign to destroy Gov. Palin’s reputation—no matter what it takes—before she destroys his presidential hopes.” —Michael Reagan

“Right now only Mrs. Palin can hurt Mrs. Palin. Messrs. Obama and Biden can’t do it and shouldn’t try. And the media can’t, because more than half the country won’t listen to them on this subject now, and for a while. The media could get videotape of Mrs. Palin saying, ‘We should invade Mars and it will be easy because Mars is hidden inside my hair!’ and people would say, ‘Stop sliming Sarah!”’ —Peggy Noonan

“More facts surfacing about Sarah Palin’s background every day. Sarah Palin’s father says that they shoot 90 percent of the meat their family eats. The other 10 percent they hit with their pick-up truck.” —Conan O’Brien

“It’s funny. The left has been whining about having their patriotism questioned for so long it feels like they started griping in the Mesozoic era. Feminists have argued for decades that womanhood is an existential and metaphysical state of enlightenment. But they have no problem questioning whether women they hate are really women at all.” —Jonah Goldberg

“Barack Obama was asked if he wished Hillary Clinton was his running mate in the wake of the Sarah Palin mania. He should have passed up Hillary for another woman. Bill Clinton did that all the time and enjoyed eight years in the White House.” —Argus Hamilton

Jay Leno: Here’s the latest word from Wall Street: “Ahhhh!” … Well, if you saw the big interview with Gibson, Sarah Palin quoted Abraham Lincoln, when Lincoln said, “Let us not pray that God is on our side in any war, or at any other time, but let us pray that we are on God’s side.” And here’s the amazing part: You know who Abraham Lincoln said that to? John McCain. … Despite all the animosity in this campaign, John McCain and Joe Biden are actually old friends from the Senate. They’ve been friends for years. In fact, they go back so far that when they first met, McCain had hair and Joe Biden didn’t. … The other day while talking to a group of supporters, Joe Biden said that Hillary Clinton might have been a better pick for vice president than him. Well, that’s one thing to get the base fired up—tell them they picked the wrong person! Yeah! That’ll get them fired up!