Why I never watch the presidential debates

Here’s the fatal flaw of the formal political debate: It has ceased to be an actual debate, and is now a competitive joint press conference. A reporter asks a question, the candidate pivots to his talking point, the opponent recites his most relevant memorized response… and they’re ready for the next question. Nothing is ever really discussed, because nothing is spontaneous.


I’ve been thinking about it…

I found rooting for the Phillies a lot less stressful back when they stunk. Games like the last two rolled right off my back when their main goal for a season was avoiding 100 losses. When you expect your team to lose, you can be pleasantly surprised. When you expect/want/need them to win, it’s painful when they don’t.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to stop rooting for or following them. I want them to win and will be following them through every pitch of the postseason. I’ll just be very stressed out while it lasts. I’ll be like one of those people who watch horror movies through their fingers, especially when Brett Myers pitches, the way he’s going right now.

That said, GO PHILS!!!!