Why I never watch the presidential debates

Here’s the fatal flaw of the formal political debate: It has ceased to be an actual debate, and is now a competitive joint press conference. A reporter asks a question, the candidate pivots to his talking point, the opponent recites his most relevant memorized response… and they’re ready for the next question. Nothing is ever really discussed, because nothing is spontaneous.


4 thoughts on “Why I never watch the presidential debates

  1. I find debates difficult to watch, perhaps because I am a terrible debater myself. They seem more like dog-and-pony-shows, with the media itching for a “gotcha” moment.

    I’d rather see something like a “fireside chat” between two people with no media except a camera.

  2. That’s a good point Jeff. I’d almost rather they brought in a moderator who was openly biased so it was out in the open, rather than the lie of impartiality they present now.

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