After a bit of a letdown due to the Phillies allowing a run in the top of the first inning (I was screaming not to intentionally walk Fielder, which allowed the walk to hardy to drive in a run), the Phils came roaring back with 5 runs in the bottom of the second. As I said to my friends with me at the game, “Who would have thought an at-bat by Brett Myers would be the critical point of a game.” Sabathia just fell apart after Myers (an awful hitter) worked a nine-pitch walk to keep the inning alive. Sabathia then walked Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino followed with the first grand slam in Phillies postseason history.

But the crucial part was the at-bat by Myers.He just kept fouling off pitches until drawing the walk. The fans initially reacted to some of the fouls with mocking cheers just for Myers putting his bat on the ball, but really began getting into it as the at-bat continued. It’s moments like this that show that, in many ways, Philadelphia sports fans get a bum rap; they’re much more intelligent than they’re given credit for. How many other cities’ fans would have understood the importance and irony of Brett Myers working the count to tire C.C. Sabathia? Not many.

As if that weren’t enough to show that it was a charmed evening, in his second trip to the plate, Myers had a ten-pitch at-bat. While this time, he ultimately flew out, it rattled Sabathia again as Rollins followed with a double and Victorino then drew a walk which drove Milwaukee’s ace and Cy Young Candidate from the game, after he was asked to intentionally walk Chase Utley to load the bases. Again during Myers’ at-bat, the fans were into it, understanding and appreciating the significance of what was occurring.

As if that still weren’t enough to show that it was a charmed evening, in his third trip to the plate, Myers singled on the first pitch he saw to load the bases!

Sabathia threw 98 pitches, and 19 of them (just under 20%) were to Brett Myers. One plate appearance helped lead to a grand slam and another helped drive the opposing pitcher from the game. I never thought I’d be so into one of his at-bats in a game, much less three of them in the same game. When you add in his 7-inning, two run effort, Myers was assuredly the star of the game. Myers being such a critical factor in the offensive portion of the game is truly un-****ing-believable.