Joe Posnanski offers the idea of Pixishows:

OK, so it’s time for our first installment of “Pixishows.” You might recall that pixifoods are foods you found tasty as a child and found to be grotesque as an adult. So it goes with pixishows — these are shows that, when you were young, you found to be intriguing, enlightening, fun, dramatic, whatever. And these are shows that, as an adult, are SO BAD you cannot even believe what you are watching.

I would nominate Happy Days as a legit Pixishow. I honestly thought Happy Days was a good show back in the early days, when Ron Howard was Richie, before the Fonz got a library card, before Al replaced Arnold, before the producers tried to inflict Eric Moran on us as a sex symbol. But I have since seen some of those early shows and, um, they were pretty awful. PRETTY DARNED AWFUL. I had no idea.

And I think this is the key to the Pixishow. They cannot be shows you realized were stupid as a kid but you liked anyway — like “Land of the Lost” would not qualify, in my mind, as a pixishow because you knew, even then, it was pretty bad. No the key here is to find shows that you legitimately liked because you thought they were really good, only to find as an adult that they were SO BAD you could not even fathom how they made it on the air.

My nominations were as follows:

Star Blazers: I loved this Japanese import as a kid. My parents were strict about me doing my homework as soon as I got home from school until I finished it, but made an exception to allow me to watch Star Blazers because they knew they couldn’t win that one. I watched the first series of it again a few years ago on DVD and found it to be so unrealistic and cheesy.

Three’s Company: You’d think the roommates would eventually learn to make sure they had heard correctly, but no, every week someone overheard something and completely misunderstood it.

Doctor Who and Star Trek: I loved both of these shows and, sadly, even went to conventions. I think back on them now and realize they’re pure crap. Complete and utter crap. (Although, the new Doctor Who series is pretty good.)

Sledgehammer: Again, I loved this copy spoof, when I was a little kid, so I picked up the entire series on DVD from Amazon. I got about 5 episodes into it and couldn’t watch any further. A few years later, the second season is still in the original shrink wrap.

After reading the comments on Joe’s blog, I would definitely have agree with Night Court and Family Ties as well. Any other suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Pixishows

  1. In case you didn’t read the article, it had to be a show you genuinely thought was good at the time of original airing, and now find embarrassing (a criterion I left out of post). It can’t be something that was meant to be cheesy but you enjoyed anyway, and now find to be bad.

    So, with that additional restriction, I would have to toss out the A-Team from eligibility. I think it was meant to be mindless drivel, in the non-pejorative sense of that term. (See my post Red Dawn for a further examination of this issue.)

    I always hated He-Man and Alf, so I would disagree there. Thunder cats I never saw. (But Alf did get a lot of nominations in the original thread, so you’re not alone on that one.)

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