3 Hits by a Pitcher in a Postseason Game

Stat of the Day has the list. Surprisingly, it had only been just over 5 years since it last occurred prior to last night’s performance by that noted slugger Brett Myers.

Seriously, how freaky is this? He went four for fifty-eight during the season (.069 batting average), but is now hitting .800 (4 for 5) this postseason. I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I’ll take it.

One thought on “3 Hits by a Pitcher in a Postseason Game

  1. I will be honest. I was a little confused because they kept mentioning Brett Myers’ hits, and I kept cheering when they happened, but I thought he was the pitcher and we all know they can’t hit. It was conceptual blindness that stopped me from understanding what was going on until I gave up on my preconceptions and just enjoyed the game. As long as some Phillie get some hits, right?

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