Movies you couldn’t pay me to see

Entertainment Weekly has a list of 20 pop culture phenomena people couldn’t be paid to see. My comments below:

4. Anything labeled an Oprah book: Definitely. But mostly because I know anything she thinks her target audience of housewives would be interested in would not interest me in the least.
5. Buffy and Twilight: I hadn’t even heard of Twilight until seeing a preview for the movie in a theater, although it seems one of younger cousins is very into it. Buffy, though, is one of the all-time greats, especially the the first three seasons.
6. The DaVinci Code: I’m not sure which I found most annoying: the complete lack of respect for actual, the severe anti-Christian (and specifically anti-Catholic) bias, or the overwhelming media campaign behind it.
7. Godfather: I’ve never seen any of the movies and I even own the entire trilogy on VHS. They’re just longer than I feel like committing to watching. (The set of them I own is also a regift. My cousins got them from another cousin who was getting divorced. And now the second owners of them are getting divorced. I may need to get rid them as they seem to be cursed.)
8. Movies based on dancing: Bring It On! is one of my guilty pleasures. I love that movie.
10. The Goonies and ET: I just saw The Goonies for the first time in the last few years. Good, not great. I loved ET as a kid, but I think I would hate it if I were to see it now.
13. The Passion of the Christ: I’ve seen it about 6 times and still get a lot out of it, but I do understand why someone wouldn’t want to see it.
14. The Sound of Music: One of my little cousins forced my grandparents and I t watch this movie two and a half times in a single night. That was enough for one lifetime.
15. Titanic: I have testicles and therefore a strong revulsion to the thought of seeing this movie.

An addition of my own:
Forrest Gump: I’ve had too many people telling me I have to see this movie. Being the ornery sort, I’m refusing to just to spite them.

4 thoughts on “Movies you couldn’t pay me to see

  1. 5. Buffy/Twilight: The wife has read all 4 of the Twilight books. If she wants to see the movie, I’ll go too.

    10. Goonies and ET: I didn’t see these as a kid, which means I get absolutely nothing out of them as an adult.

    11. The Hills: I have no idea why someone would want to watch a show about catty women with no discernible talent other than looking pretty.

    13. The Passion of the Christ: Saw it in theaters, but it’s a hard movie to watch and also very Catholic. My brother bought it on DVD sight unseen, which made no sense to me.

    14. The Sound of Music: Great movie and I bet it holds up, but I don’t have any desire to go find a copy and watch it. If I stumble across it on AMC, I might stop and watch. Ditto other classic movie musicals like My Fair Lady.

  2. Re: The Hills, I think the last part of that sentence answers the first part. (I have never watched the show, though.)

    I’ve bought movies on DVD sight unseen so I can understand that. It’s well-regarded, made a lot of money. As long as it’s not too expensive, why not?

  3. 4. Anything labeled an Oprah book: Enough Oprah already. She was right about one thing, she had Steven Levitt on for Freakonomics.
    5. Buffy and Twilight: Never saw the former and still don’t know what the latter is. What is it with vampires and wizards lately?
    6. The DaVinci Code: Read it before the hype started. Found it laughable. Guy writes three sentences and calls it a chapter. The Church is so inaccurately portrayed it didn’t bother me. There was no way anyone with a brain would have believed any of it.
    7. Godfather: I weep for you. Seriously. Part I and II are two of the finest films ever made. I say that with no hyperbole. They are perfect.
    8. Movies based on dancing: Even hot cheerleaders couldn’t bring me to watch them.
    10. The Goonies and ET: Haven’t seen either one in decades. I am, however, looking forward to seeing it with my kids.
    13. The Passion of the Christ: Not easy to watch but they do have “Passion recut” w/o so much violence.
    15. Titanic: It’s not that bad. Good soundtrack (except for Celine “The Wailing Canadian” Dion). Great effects.

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