One thought on “How to Build Your Own Bazooka

  1. The only way to kill zombies is head trauma that damages critical brain centers. Basically, you need to shoot, pierce, club, chop, or otherwise destroy the zombie’s head.

    Bazookas, RPGs, etc. are light handheld artillery designed for direct fire again fortified positions and armored vehicles. They’re designed to blow stuff up and poke big holes in armor or structures. None of that helps with zombies. Even if you blow a zombie up, you probably won’t do anything to the other zombie next to him. And if all you do is blow a three inch hole clear through him, well he probably wasn’t using those parts anyway.

    Killing zombies is a job for a decent rifle combined with good marksmanship. Unless humans are equipping themselves with armored vehicles and raiding other survivors, don’t bother with bazookas and just stick to plain simple guns.

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