‘Nother Meme

1. When you buy a greetings card are the words or the picture more important to you?

2. What’s your favourite kind of cake?

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?

4. What’s your favourite holiday – i.e. Christmas?

5. Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where?
I’m going to Cleveland for a wedding later this year.

6. What was the best party you’ve ever been to?
Cousin Jeff’s wedding.

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?

8. What’s the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to you?
Sitting on a porch swing talking to a girl.

9. What’s your favourite romantic song?
“Somewhere” by The Tymes

10. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?
Anna Paquin! (But she needs to go back to brunette.)

11. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful?
Anne Hathaway.

12. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
Chase Utley. (But my opinion might be biased by his playing ability.)

13. If you could be a fictional character from a book who would you choose?
Hari Seldon.

14. If you could be in a television sit-com, which would you choose?
This is tough:

My first thought was “NewsRadio,” but then I’d be living in New York
Then I thought “The Office,” but I don’t think I could take working for Michael Scott
Then I thought “How I met Your Mother,” but then I remembered it’s in New York, too
I figure I’ll go with “Soap” since I enjoy flat-out lunacy

15. Which character would you like to be?
The Major. He always seemed to be having a good time.

16. What’s your favourite girl’s name?

17. What’s your favourite boy’s name?
John. While “Paul Smith” is definitely a cool name, how much cooler would it be to be “John Smith.”

18. What’s your supermarket of choice?
Acme, because I can use RecycleBank coupons there.

19. What is your best character trait?

20. What is your worst habit?

Via Hube, again.