I generally don’t approve of post-election sniping…

but this is priceless:

“I saw Frank Luntz,” said McInturff, “who is a moron — I want to make sure this is clearly on the record — he was talking to Republican governors, making fun of John for not being able to use a BlackBerry. The man can’t do it because he is much more disabled than people can imagine… I would like to take a hammer and start breaking bones in Frank’s arms.”

First, it’s hilarious how blunt he is. (I have no opinion on Frank Luntz. I only know that he’s a pollster.)

Second, you’ve got to love the fact that not only is he willing to put his name on the record (unlike those cowards anonymously attack Sarah Palin after the election), but that he goes out of his way to emphasize that he wants to be on the record.

Good show.