My Day Before Thanksgiving Rant/Bitch Session

1) It’s still too early for Christmas music.
   1a) Except for Elvis’ Christmas Album; that’s so good it should be played year-round.

2) It’s obscene that a few radio stations have already gone to full-time Christmas music.
   2a) Seriously, though, it’s hard to find a song right now that isn’t Christmas music. My frame of mind on this wasn’t improved by listening to Christmas music for almost two hours in the barbershop. (I guess everyone else was getting their pre-Thanksgiving haircuts, while I was just in desperate need of one.)

3) The song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is just incorrect. How can it be the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” when there’s no baseball being played?

4) If I never hear “The Little Drummer Boy” again, I’ll still be annoyed that I ever heard it. Just an awful song.

5) To end on a positive note, Christmas season (which we’re still not in) is the second best season of the year, behind, of course, baseball season.

One thought on “My Day Before Thanksgiving Rant/Bitch Session

  1. One Christmas Song you have to love

    I ranted about Christmas music before, but I did hear one of my favorite Christmas carols the other day and it was nice to hear: Dominic’s certainly my favorite Christmas donkey….

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