Another example of why Joe Posnanski is the best baseball writer out there

Joe takes on the Hall of Fame:

See, the thing is, I think that as much as people TALK about the Baseball Hall of Fame, very few have a real and total grip of what it really is. I say this because … I don’t think I have a real and total grip of what it is. The Baseball Hall of Fame is a 286-inductee monstrosity with more than 70 years of triumphs, failures, trials, errors, experiments that flopped, risks that soared, political gambits and good old fashioned baseball love. It’s the Hall of Fame that matters for any number of reasons, including the hard-work that people have put into it, and the fact that baseball history jumps off the page. But because it’s the Hall of Fame that matters, its quirks and cracks are more visible to the public.*

*Nobody seems to know or care that Otis Taylor is not in the Football Hall of Fame. But EVERYBODY knows Bert Blyleven is not. It’s a different animal.

I’m going to have to try this advice sometime:

If you ever want to wow ‘em at a party, just say something like this: “Did you know that there are eight umpires in the Hall of Fame and not one of them has called a Major League game since 1978. So that’s 30 years — no Hall of Fame umpires.*” Oh believe me, that fact will be a hit at any party, seriously, you’ll get dates galore. Trust me.

It’s got to work better than my current rap.

Seriously, if you’re at all a baseball fan, Posnanski’s a great read. He covers other sports from time to time as well, but like all real Americans, baseball’s his first love.