It’s Always Best to Go Down Fighting

The devoutly Catholic Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg blocked the passage of a law permitting euthanasia and is now paying the price: Legislators have decided to strip him of his veto power by altering the constitution.

Thus the last non-ceremonial political act by the last Grand Duke of Europe was in defense of human life. You don’t have to be a sentimentalist about Christendom to think that a splendid way to make your exit.

I’m reminded of the great T.S. Eliot quote: “We fight for lost causes because we know that our defeat and dismay may be the preface to our successors’ victory, though that victory itself will be temporary; we fight rather to keep something alive than in the expectation that it will triumph.”

The Grand Duke was willing to sacrifice what little power he had left in an effort that he likely knew would be futile in order to take a stand in defense of human life. It’s always best to go down fighting for what you believe in if for no other reason than you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror. Plus, as Eliot said, it will pass on your values to the next generation who might prevail where you failed. If you give in without a fight, your example won’t be there to inspire them.

Source: First Things