Do not Go Into DC for the Inauguration

1 toilet for every 6,849 people on Inauguration Day

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

But will there be enough places to “go” on Inauguration Day?

Crowd estimates for Jan. 20 range between 1 and 5 million people.

Metro is planning to carry upwards of 1 million riders itself on Inauguration Day, but the transit agency says it will shut down all of its public restrooms due to security concerns.

Instead, 146 portable restrooms will be set up outside of selected rail stations.

Even if the transit agency carries 1 million people on Jan. 20 — and that could be a conservative estimate — that means there would be one bathroom for every 6,849 customers.

One thought on “Do not Go Into DC for the Inauguration

  1. I can’t stand crowds. I probably have a phobia. There is no way in heck you would catch me in DC anytime near that date ! The Phillies parade was bad enough !

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