Idaho Becomes First State to Criminalize Coercing a Woman to Have an Abortion

Idaho Becomes First State to Criminalize Coercing a Woman to Have an Abortion

Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter signed a bill into law on Thursday that makes Idaho the first state to legally forbid individuals from forcing a woman to have an abortion.

House Bill 654 criminalizes any physical harm or threats used with the intention of inducing an abortion.

Thanks to the new law, “a woman or girl wronged by a predator or abusive partner would not have to wait upon the mercies of some prosecuting attorney to seek justice – even after an abortion. In fact, the language of the law allows a woman to seek civil damages even if she doesn’t undergo an abortion,” explained an Idaho Chooses Life web report.

“We currently have laws that protect a woman’s right to choose abortion but virtually nothing that protects a woman from being forced into having an abortion. Predators, abusive boyfriends and angry mothers and fathers have been violently coercing women into getting abortions for years,” stated Brandi Swindell of Engage the Culture in a March testimony to the House committee looking at the bill.

Planned Parenthood, that “champion” of women’s rights, opposed the bill.

Planned Parenthood of Idaho expressed disappointment over the enactment of the new law on their website. Instead of the anti-coercion legislation, the Planned Parenthood encourages more programs dealing with domestic abuse, increased contraceptive distribution, and the development of “comprehensive sex education” programs.

Would have been bad for business, no doubt….

Why Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t support the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Komen Gave Planned Parenthood Abortion Businesses Over $700K Last Year

A new report from a Planned Parenthood watchdog finds chapters of the Komen Race for the Cure breast cancer group gave affiliates of the national abortion business over $700,000 last fiscal year. The enormous amount should be a red flag to pro-life advocates, one leading activist says.

Figures from STOPP International show Komen chapters giving $711,485 from April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006 to Planned Parenthood affiliates.

If you’ve been a donor in the past, ask the Komen Foundation to stop funding abortion. And note, this is just one year of funding. Who knows what’s happened in the past or is still going on.

Barack Obama: Most Anti-Life Presidential Candidate Ever?

Barack Obama Would Take Back Vote Helping Terri Schiavo Avoid Euthanasia

Senator Barack Obama debated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night and said his biggest mistake was voting with a unanimous Senate to help save Terri Schiavo. Terri is the disabled Florida woman whose husband won the legal right to starve her to death.

When asked his biggest mistake, Obama said that trying to save an innocent woman’s life, trying to prevent her from being starved to death, was a big mistake. (Take note, too, that this bill passed the Senate unanimously.) As the article linked above points out, it’s not the first time he stated that either.

As Hube points out today, and I mentioned before, Obama opposed a bill that would defend the right of children born alive after an abortion attempt to live.

In my earlier post linked above, I also take note that Obama said he would not intervene militarily in Iraq, even to stop a genocide of innocent Iraqis.

So, to sum up:

* He opposes saving innocent people from being starved to death
* He opposes requiring that innocent children who are already born be saved
* He opposes trying to save the lives of innocent genocide victims

He also supports the death penalty. Who would Obama grant the right to life to?

35 Years of Legal Infanticide

fetus.jpgToday is the 35th anniversary of the handing down of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases, which combined to legalize abortion for any reason up to the moment of birth. It’s amazing that a Supreme Court that in the past has upheld the constitutionality of segregation, slavery, and forced sterilization could sink even lower, but with these decisions it did. It now became enshrined as a constitutional right that one person could kill another for no better reason than convenience or a whim.

It’s commonly believed that Roe v. Wade allowed abortion in later trimesters (itself a medically meaningless distinction) for health reasons. Those who believe this are unaware that Roe referred to Doe v. Bolton for its definition of health, and Doe defined health so broadly that even something as innocuous as “having stretch marks would bum me out” grants medical permission for an abortion.

This is the great shame of our time: that one person can determine the worth of another. And that’s what the pro-life movement is about: the fact that all humans have the same innate worth, regardless of age, disability or other excuses some would use to deem them less worthy of life. Denying that other human being have less dignity than others has been used to justify a great many evils over the years: slavery, the Holocaust, and segregation to pick just a few.

A final note to Catholics: today is “a particular day of penance for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion, and of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life.” (As is every January 22nd, unless it falls on a Sunday, in which case it’s transferred to January 23rd.) (Hat Tip: Amy Welborn) Personally, I’m fasting and may stop by an adoration chapel to say a rosary. (Pray the pro-life mysteries of the rosary.)

Abortion rate continues to drop, but still a ways to go Nation/World Section

The most comprehensive study in years of abortion in America underscores a striking change in the landscape, with ever-fewer pregnant women choosing abortion and those who do increasingly opting to avoid surgical clinics.

The number of abortions has plunged to 1.2 million a year, down 25 percent since hitting a peak in 1990, according to a report being released today — days before the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion.

The abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1974, the first full year after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure nationwide.

The annual rate has been falling steadily since 1981, paralleling a sharp decline in the number of abortion providers.

Since abortion on demand is still the law of the land, much of this decline is likely due to a choice of life, the only truly valid choice. The article says that pro-choice advocates are claiming this decline is due to increased use of contraception, but given that there has also been an increase in the birthrate recently, a likelier explanation is that women are choosing to keep the children they have conceived.

However, 1.2 million abortions is still 1.2 million innocent lives ended; 1.2 million people who never got the chance to grow up, to live, to play in a field, to love, to have children of their own. We all need to continue to work to remind women of the wonderful gift they have been given and help them understand that even if they can’t handle this gift, there is someone who would be glad to receive a “re-gift.”

But the good news is, more women are choosing life, and while their pocketbooks may be lighter, they are richer for it.

Hat Tip: The Corner