Getting a pat on the back

Delaware today named Gazizza one of the “10 Delacentric blogs you’ve got to see.” I wouldn’t have put myself up there. I’m guessing as one of only a few blogs that discusses religion, they put me in to broader more broad category-wise.

Thanks to Hube for pointing this out.

Note: Delaware Today has one of the more obnoxious registration processes I’ve ever seen. (Why on earth would they need our mother’s maiden name?) If that sort of thing doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to scream “bug me not”.

Part of a group blog

I was recently asked to join a group blog called Friends of Catholic Exchange, over at They’re one of my favorite Catholic websites, presenting a variety of Catholic views, but always in accord with Church teaching. I’m not exactly sure how they found me (and less sure of why), but I agreed to be part of the group blog. My lovely girlfriend suggested that it was because I was part of the Catholic B-Team, which I’m a little disappointed I didn’t think of.

I’ll be cross-posting some thoughts from time to time on both sites. My first cross-post there is directly below this one.

When I’m Absolute Dictator…

I created a new category on my blog with the above title. It will mostly reflect things I’d love to see done that I know would never happen. It will mostly be whimsical, pointless things, but will sometimes hold rants.

The first entry in this category is:

When I’m absolute dictator…
….people won’t be allowed to vote unless they know how many career home runs Babe Ruth hit.