Chase Utley said a bad word

He began his talk at today’s celebration: “World fudging champions!” Only he didn’t say “Fudge.” He said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the “F-dash-dash-dash-ing” word! (Props to a great movie.)

He seems to like that word. Most people remember his introduction at the All-Star Game Home Run Derby: After getting booed by the fans in Yankee Stadium, he commented to a fellow player “Boo? Fudge you.” which got caught by national TV.

I think he likes that word.

UPDATE: Here’s the video:

What the Phillies can teach us about Indulgences

The Philadelphia Phillies have just won the 2008 World Series. I had nothing to do with it — heck, I haven’t really followed the team during the regular season since the days of Del Unser — and yet I’m very happy right now.

That’s a good analogy for indulgences. Somebody else does a great deal of work, and I, through some simple act (prayer in one case, watching TV in the other) get some of the benefit.