Here’s something I don’t get

A 30-second ad during the Super Bowl cost $2.7 million dollars earlier this year.

TV-buying executives say Sen. Barack Obama’s buy of a half hour of ad time on CBS and NBC will cost the campaign between $2 million and $2.5 million. (source)

Now, I know that there are special political rates for advertising, but how can a single 30-second spot on one network cost more than an entire half hour purchased on two networks? I’m not accusing anyone of anything improper, but I don’t get it. Granted, more people watch the Super Bowl than will likely watch this ad, but shouldn’t a half-hour of prime time on two networks cost more than that? What am I missing?

“Why do I oppose Obama? Simple. His political positions are evil.”

A former Marxist turned Catholic priest lets loose:

Many of my friends from my days as a Marxist-feminist-postmodernist ideologue have been asking me lately how I can resist supporting an Obama presidency.

My answer–much to their horror–has been simple: “Because I used to be a Marxist-feminist-postmodernist ideologue, and I understand the party-line of the movement:

— destroy the notion of objective truth with appeals to diversity, difference, and multi-cultism;
— eliminate the possibility of rational discourse by elevating the affective above the rational;
— convert all public political discourse into emotive appeals to race, gender, class, and sexuality;
— define “freedom” as “freedom from constraint” and never as “freedom to do what is right;”
— attack all secular opposition as “oppressive, self-centered, and fearful;”
— attack all religious opposition as “superstitious, fundamentalist, and ignorant;”
— use “white liberal guilt” to attack economic growth and prosperity;
— feed over-educated narcissism with the prospect of ruling, finally, and ruling more than the meager resources of an English/women’s studies department at a state university.”

Why do I oppose Obama? Simple. His political positions are evil. This man believes that it is morally acceptable to kill children. He believes that it is morally permissible to attempt to kill a child in the womb, fail, and then leave the child to die once delivered alive. This man believes that all Americans should participate in his evil by being forced to pay for the genocide of abortion with federal tax dollars. That the overwhelming majority of children murdered in the womb are black seems not to concern him at all. He has promised to eliminate all democratically enacted laws against the murder of children by signed the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act” if elected. This will enshrine the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision, Roe v. Wade into federal law.

Hat Tip: The Curt Jester

Why I never watch the presidential debates

Here’s the fatal flaw of the formal political debate: It has ceased to be an actual debate, and is now a competitive joint press conference. A reporter asks a question, the candidate pivots to his talking point, the opponent recites his most relevant memorized response… and they’re ready for the next question. Nothing is ever really discussed, because nothing is spontaneous.