Happy Elvis’ Birthday!

And in honor of this momentous occasion, you should learn how Elvis saved the world from fascism.

UPDATE: I should also point out this Power Line article, which includes the following notes on Elvis’ meeting with Nixon:

Presley indicated to the President in a very emotionial mamner that he was “on your side.” Presley kept repeating that he wanted to be helpful, that he wanted to restore some respect for the flag, which was being lost. He mentioned he was just a poor boy from Tennessee who had gotten a lot from his country, which in some way he wanted to repay.

UPDATE 2: And, of course, Ziggy:

Tennant to quit as Doctor Who

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David Tennant is to stand down as Doctor Who, after becoming one of the most popular Time Lords in the history of the BBC science fiction show.

Tennant stepped into the Tardis in 2005, and will leave the role after four special episodes are broadcast next year.

He made the announcement after winning the outstanding drama performance prize at the National Television Awards.

This is a shame. He’s been really good as the Doctor. He’ll be a tough act to follow. With more time in the role, he might have gone down as the best of them all, but at this point, I think the nod still goes to Tom Baker.